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Moore and Sons has over 90 years of experience in the supply of high quality clays to the contruction, brickmaking and manufacturing industries. As one of the leaders in clay supply, we are part of Ibstock, the UK 's leading manufacturer of clay facing and engineering bricks.

Our Clays

We offer a unique range of clay types from over 40 extraction sites across the country, ensuring great value and competitive transport costs.

Engineering Clay

Engineering Clay – high performance and impermeable, ideal for:

  • Flood defence
  • Landfill and waste sites
Infill Restoration Clay

Infill Restoration Clay – carefully balanced permeability, inert and clean for:

  • Pond, lake and reservoir linings
  • Agricultural settlement ponds
Manufacturing Clay

Manufacturing Clay – consistent quality and value for:

  • Cement manufacture
Brickmaking Clay

Brickmaking Clay – extensive resources of shales, etruria marl and over 0.5 m tonnes of stockpiled fireclay for:

  • Bricks – facings and engineers
  • Pavers
  • Rooftiles
Agricultural Feedstock Clays

Agricultural Feedstock Clays – exceptional purity for:

  • Ruminant Feedstock
Committed to the environment
Quarry restoration scheme

Our extraction sites are operated to the highest standards to minimise the impact on the environment and ensure the sustainable use of our resources. Our ‘good neighbour' approach reduces the effects of dust, noise and vehicle movements on surrounding communities.

After extraction our land restoration schemes have created recreational opportunities and nature habitats.

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